Mark Dicey “Untitled 2278” 2013

Lot 11

Fair Market Value  $5400


acrylic on canvas 38.5 x 46.5 x 16

While there are many influences to the work, the basic drive is my personal response to colour, form, shape, line, marks and texture (surface) that are taking place. Instinctively I build and respond to a piece that is being developed – a give and take; an on-going evaluation and assessment of what I am seeing and experiencing on the chosen format (paper or canvas). Both control and spontaneity, in the use of the paint via brushwork, scrapers and my hands, are a part of the complex process to arrive at a completed piece. My personal visual vocabulary is what I continue to develop through the painting process.

 The framed piece is being donated by both Mark Dicey and Jarvis Hall.

Represented by

Jarvis Hall Gallery

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