Katie and Harry, who believe in the values that arts and culture bring to our communities, conceived the KOAC as a year-round, sustainable art-in-nature destination dedicated to the research, exhibition, education and documentation of contemporary visual arts.

As a cultural attraction, the Centre will provide a personal interaction with contemporary art for supporters and patrons who book their visit in advance.

As a non-profit, public art Centre, its lectures, symposia, outreach workshops, programs (ie. residencies and studio space for select artists) and exhibitions will be designed to educate and entertain the public and artists alike.

As Katie likes to put it, the focus of the Centre will be on the three R’s – Retreat, Research and Residence. Therefore, the KOAC concept comprises an art gallery, artists’ studios, a large catalogued, research library of contemporary art books and reference material, a contemporary artworks collection amassed over more than six decades (it contains artworks by Katie and Harry as well as other artists including Picasso, Miró, Duchamp and Janet Mitchell), a residence where visiting artists will be hosted, and a botanic sculpture garden surrounded by rehabilitated wetlands and a woods sanctuary.

Art Library Artworks-

The buildings included in the Art Centre concept are:

  • Katie and Harry’s existing home, a modern structure that will be transformed into an interpretive gallery, workshop spaces and a library research centre.
  • The existing studios where both Katie and Harry currently work.
  • Additional studio and workshop space, as required.
  • The Centre’s future Pavilion, which will house the most important works of the contemporary painting and sculpture collection and will be used for visiting exhibits.
  • Other support buildings.