Ziegler Tiny Art

Facilitating Artist James Ziegler

Created by KO Arts Centre Resident Artist James Ziegler, and building on the success of the Ziegler Tiny Art School Workshop, the ZTA kit and webinar, provide a hands-on experience of the creative process. These tools elucidate the role of observation in the artistic process through the playful exploration and the creation of small sculptures using laser cut paper patterns. The process starts with an examination and culminates with cognitive reflection.

James demonstrates all the steps during a live webinar and participants:
• Gain an understanding that they and professional artists share common ground in the creative experience, one of joy, delight, or frustration in the discovery of new patterns and forms.
• Discover creative shapes from a personal perspective and by sharing the group’s collective explorations.
• See how their artistic process of making individual art pieces relates to a larger version of a similar sculpture at the Centre.

James Ziegler, Resident Artist
Patricia Lortie KOAC Fall 2020 Artist in Residence

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