2024 New Year Message

KOAC new year
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Dear KOAC Supporters and Art Enthusiasts, As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on together at KOAC. Your support has been crucial in establishing a local hub for research, exhibition, education, and documentation of contemporary visual arts. This year, our garden and monumental sculptures have not just beautified our landscape, but have also symbolized the harmonious relationship that art has to nature. Each piece stands strongly in the landscape as a testament to our dedication to conservation and our belief in art’s power to connect us deeply with one another. Looking ahead to the New Year, we are excited to further our mission. We’ll be enhancing our Artist in Residence programs, advocating for land conservation, and strengthening community bonds. These initiatives are growing in popularity, and will aid in essential financial support for KOAC’s sustainability and development. We are immensely grateful to our donors, sponsors, students, and Friends of KOAC members for your generosity and support. Our sculptures are more than art pieces; they are conversation starters, reminders of our environmental responsibility, and invitations to immerse ourselves in the natural world. As we enter the New Year, we anticipate new sculptures, new narratives, and new connections. Together, we aim to create a secure future where art continues to resonate in harmony with the natural beauty of woodlands and grasslands… sustained with care, in the very special place that is KOAC. Here’s to a New Year filled with the wonders of art-in-nature, the steadfast commitment to land conservation, and the joy of building a community that cherishes the beauty of both creativity and the environment. With gratitude and excitement for the future.
KATIE OHE Co-Founder JESSE T. BONNER Chair of the Board of Directors
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