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Art carries the memory of a society and can convey meaning at a deep level

KOAC is a cultural destination that fosters experiential and interdisciplinary learning for all. We believe visual arts are an integral part of the life of communities and we have confirmed the positive connection between cultural activities and their well-being. Over the years, KOAC has partnered with members of its community stimulating fun in the creative process. We witnessed how community members come together through art, a central tenet of our mandate.

“Art carries the memory of a society and can convey meaning at a deep level,” says local artist and KOAC supporter Patricia Lortie.

Our strategic programs are designed to provide a platform of support to both established and emerging artists, and to educate and entertain the general public.


The Create with KOAC visual arts programming is designed to bring our communities together through art, and promote their wellbeing through learning about the fun of the creative process.

The Residency Program for Emerging Artists

The purpose to help incubate the next generation of artists by supporting them with mentorship and a scholarship during the most difficult first few years after graduating from art programs. Less than 3 per cent of graduated artists continue with their careers, while the rest end up abandoning their original quest due to economic hardship and lack of funding for studio space and a very competitive commercial landscape.

School Program

KOAC is committed to supporting art students and teachers in our community.  KOAC welcomes K-12 students to participate in a collaborative exploration of how art is made.

With local schools and associations, KOAC’s artists-in-residence program provides workshops to enhance art appreciation at an early age.  Students will also be welcomed to visit KOAC’s studios, botanic garden and sculpture park to experience first-hand how true artists work and live.

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