Sculpture Park

Nature is our gallery

The Allure of Art and Environment

The sculpture park celebrates the relationship between sculpture and nature. Visitors experience large, medium and small-scale outdoor sculptures and site-specific commissions under the open sky.

Presenting sculptures in a park and gardens environment is a ritual that dates back to ancient times. The interaction of artistic formulations and natural forms stimulates perception and thinking and the understanding of artistic visions.

The focus of the sculpture park’s distinguished permanent collection of Canadian and European modern sculpture is on large abstract welded steel works from the 1960s to the present. The goal is to preserve and showcase important carefully selected quality works of art. 

Among the monumental pieces already in place are those by Ray Arnatt, Roy Leadbeater, Michael Sandle (British), Charles Robert Boyce, Alex Caldwell, Katie Ohe, just to name a few.

An advisory selection committee is in charge of approving new permanent or temporary additions. Complementing its outdoor collection, KOAC’s features an exclusive selection of indoor works by renown artists, including those of founder Katie Ohe.

Sculpture Park and Woods / Sanctuary Walk

1. Steel Wave, Roy Leadbeater.

2. Blocks, Ray Arnatt.

3. Bridge, Charles Boyce.

4. Binder, Ray Arnatt.

5. Queen of the Night, Michael Sandle.

6. Dandelion, Kathryn (Fodchuk) Dobbin.

7. Castle, Alexander Caldwell.

8. Sphere, Christian Eckart.

9. Mother and Turtle, Katie Ohe.

10. Crackpot Columns, Katie Ohe.

11. Woman Standing, Norman Sjoman.

12. Lantern, John Andrekson.

13. Birdbath, Alex Caldwell.

14. Torso, Katie Ohe.

15. Intertwine, Ellie Scheepens.

16. Zig Zag, Claudia Cuesta.

17. San Zeno Church, Fonderia Fabris.

18. Earth Mother, Mitch DeMuth.

19. Wheel House, Alex Caldwell.

20. ShimmeringWillow, James Ziegler.

Potential Sculpture Places

1. High points & knolls

2. Meadow

3. Forest Glade

4. Grove

5. Native Plant Garden

6. Home Garden

is our gallery

We often think of art viewing as an indoor experience, moving through museums and galleries to experience painting and sculpture. But some of the best art can be seen blended with nature as is the case of KOAC’s outdoor sculpture collection. With 20-acres of landscaped lawns, fields and woodlands KOAC encourages viewers to fan out, mill the grounds and stumble upon works of art against nature finding the allure of art and environment.

As part of its legacy, a priority for KOAC is the protection of 10 acres of Aspen, Birch, and first growth forests as a green corridor and woods sanctuary amid fast development in the surrounding Springbank area. During the summer months, KOAC visitors traverse fields of gentle meadows or stroll designed walkways that meander through a wooded grove with carefully selected contemporary sculptures. KOAC is restoring several walking paths that will allow visitors to wander on trails and discover sculptures.

Following a Taoism concept

The sculpture park features a botanic garden as part of a contemplative environment to foster creative thinking and imaging for each visitor through engagement with art and nature.  The low land in the east area of the property will be maintained as a wetland ecosystem with an interpretation of flora and fauna.


Guided tours are available for the Sculpture Park. KOAC is developing a GIS location mobile application to allow visitors to use their phones to locate and learn the story behind each piece. A similar geolocation application would be available to locate the flora of the property.

Kathryn Fodchuk Dobbin's steel kinetic Dandelion, outside the sculpture studio and emerging artist space.

Photo by Amy Tucker, for the Cochrane Eagle, January 10, 2019

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