At the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, nature is our gallery.

*Regularly scheduled Saturday tours for 2022 have ended, after a beautiful and busy season! If you are interested in scheduling a private tour for your group (minimum 6 people) during the off-season, please contact us at info@koartscentre.orgTickets: $25 (no charge for kids under 12 years of age)

You are also welcome to drop by at your leisure for a self-guided tour on Thursdays through Sundays, 10am – 4pm. The west half of the park is open during these hours for self-guided visitors; if you would also like to experience the private sculpture gardens around the house and studios, please inquire about private tours at

Please be aware that in the winter months the park pathways may be covered in snow and visitors assume responsibility for their own safety.

Dogs are allowed in the park during self-guided tours and they must be on-leash in order to ensure other visitors’ safety and to protect the various species of wildlife that move through the corridor. We also thank you for clean up and removal of any pet waste.


As part of your guided tour of the sculpture park, you will have the exciting opportunity to view Painting Alberta, a new exhibit by KOAC’s resident artist, Sabine LeCorre-Moore. Composed of 360 6″x6″ acrylic paintings, Painting Alberta has been built through five years of research in museum archives and interviews with individuals to discover the many facets that make Alberta. Along the way, the project has gathered numerous stories representing an extensive survey of the province’s past and present. Among images of idyllic countryside, mountains, and beautiful sunsets, you will find paintings depicting a residential school, conflicts, and major catastrophes. This in-depth exploration imparts us with a better appreciation for who we are.



Watch for your opportunity to join our Founder, sculptor Katie Ohe, who will give a one-time guided tour for 20 guests of the KOAC Sculpture Park and Gardens, including her artist studio and that of her late husband and co-Founder, Harry Kiyooka. This will be a special opportunity to spend time with Katie, ask her questions, and hear stories of her unique life and artistic philosophy, as well as the unique history and stories behind each of the pieces in KOAC’s sculpture collection.

1. Steel Wave, Roy Leadbeater.

2. Blocks, Ray Arnatt.

3. Bridge, Charles Boyce.

4. Binder, Ray Arnatt.

5. Queen of the Night, Michael Sandle.

6. Dandelion, Kathryn (Fodchuk) Dobbin.

7. Castle, Alexander Caldwell.

8. Sphere, Christian Eckart.

9. Mother and Turtle, Katie Ohe.

10. Crackpot Columns, Katie Ohe.

11. Woman Standing, Norman Sjoman.

12. Lantern, John Andrekson.

13. Birdbath, Alex Caldwell.

14. Torso, Katie Ohe.

15. Intertwine, Ellie Scheepens.

16. Zig Zag, Claudia Cuesta.

17. San Zeno Church, Fonderia Fabris.

18. Earth Mother, Mitch DeMuth.

19. Wheel House, Alex Caldwell.

20. ShimmeringWillow, James Ziegler.

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