At the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, nature is our gallery.

The goal of our guided tours of the KOAC Sculpture Park is to enrich the educational experience and make contemporary visual culture accessible.

Your tour will include the large-scale sculptures spread throughout the rolling, open fields, and the smaller-scale pieces situated in the private gardens and woods around the founders’ home. The tour will last 1 – 1.5 hours and will bring you into the KOAC world with history and anecdotes about each of the 20 pieces in the outdoor collection.


As the tour is entirely outdoors, please dress appropriately for the weather, including water, sunscreen and bug spray if the weather is hot and sunny, and an umbrella or raincoat if things are not so sunny. The tour will take you through open fields and wooded paths so please wear comfortable and appropriate footwear.

Did you know you can book a COMBO TOUR + WORKSHOP for your private group? Choose from one of our three standard workshops: Patricia’s Wild Weave, Ziegler Tiny Art or Create Your Secret Kingdom Collage. This special experience is available for $45 per person, just enough to cover our costs as a non-profit. Minimum 10 people. Please contact to inquire and book your event.

Exclusive founders tour

Due to privacy reasons, guided tours of the founders’ residence and private gallery and studios are only available by special request as part of our exclusive founders’ tour and must be booked at least two weeks in advance. For a surcharge, exclusive group tours may include the unique guidance and insight of sculptor artist and founder Katie Ohe. For particular groups, we also offer tours in French, Italian or Spanish. The date of the tour is freely selectable – outside the times scheduled in the booking system. The maximum number of participants per tour is 20 people.

To find out more about our exclusive tours, please contact us at


1. Steel Wave, Roy Leadbeater.

2. Blocks, Ray Arnatt.

3. Bridge, Charles Boyce.

4. Binder, Ray Arnatt.

5. Queen of the Night, Michael Sandle.

6. Dandelion, Kathryn (Fodchuk) Dobbin.

7. Castle, Alexander Caldwell.

8. Sphere, Christian Eckart.

9. Mother and Turtle, Katie Ohe.

10. Crackpot Columns, Katie Ohe.

11. Woman Standing, Norman Sjoman.

12. Lantern, John Andrekson.

13. Birdbath, Alex Caldwell.

14. Torso, Katie Ohe.

15. Intertwine, Ellie Scheepens.

16. Zig Zag, Claudia Cuesta.

17. San Zeno Church, Fonderia Fabris.

18. Earth Mother, Mitch DeMuth.

19. Wheel House, Alex Caldwell.

20. ShimmeringWillow, James Ziegler.