What to Expect

With generous donor support from the Pekisko Arts Fund through the Calgary Foundation, KOAC started its emerging artist program based on Katie Ohe’s personal experience of growth as an artist and the need for “having concentrated space and time to resolve my art ideas in a creative environment.” The number of artists accepted will increase next year.

Envisioned to showcase art in nature, KOAC is providing artists with a place for research, exhibition, and documentation of visual contemporary art.

Besides one on one support, KOAC offers its program at no cost strictly to emerging Canadian artists with at least four years of experience and a body of work after graduation. The goal is to produce a mixed media piece that will be presented to friends and the community.

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Lisa Hodgkinson,
KOAC Summer 2019 sculptor in residence

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How to Apply

Applicants must submit a current CV of up to 2 pages long in PDF or Word format, plus a maximum of 10 examples of works (produced within the last 4 years). These examples could be provided with photos and videos.



File format: JPG or TIFF

File size: less than 3 MB
Resolution: less than 300 dpi
Dimensions: less than 5 inches wide


File format: QuickTime or Windows Media Player
Length: less than 5 minutes


Name files
Please use ArtistName_01 to indicate numerically the intended viewing order.
Archive or compress files
Add files to a ZIP file and use the template

Other requisites and guidelines

For more information or to send an application, contact,
or tel. + 587 580 6827,

  • Candidates must hold BFA or MFA in the Arts from an accredited college.
  • Applicants are shortlisted and chosen by a Jury composed of a KOAC Board member and two guest jurors.
  • The residency is awarded based on the presentation of a concept model, including fabrication details and cost estimates with a $5,000 limit.
  • Resident artists devote about 300 unstructured hours to research and to develop the project.
  • Candidates work and investigate at KOAC.
  • KOAC provides materials. Room and board will be arranged if needed.
  • Artists work in a private studio, with accommodations.
  • The end product will be a completed sculpture, or painting,
  • Works will be presented with an exhibition, a published blog, and a final report.
  • Private, public or corporate sponsorships will fund the program – The program and the work produced bears the name of the donor in acknowledgement.
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