Multidisciplinary artist Aron Hill is known for his elegant minimalist approach to drawing, painting, and installation. He employs a few select tools, colours and objects to explore narratives, architecture, and the natural world. Initially gravitating to abstract painting, Hill started drawing birds in a high realism style while studying in England; he was inspired by frequent visits to the London Natural History Museum. He also started drawing building and creating simple architectural models at this time. Upon his return, Hill’s work evolved into installations making use of traditional drawing, painting, and sculptural elements, as well as large format photography and text-based work. In 2013, Hill built a life-sized cabin containing a short novel that he wrote for Contemporary Calgary. He recently completed a commissioned installation for the University of Calgary’s EEEL Building. More recently, Hill’s focus is formalist paintings that recall aspects of minimalism and colour field paintings referencing the figure, conceptually similar to the late Modernist Canadian paintings. He is experimenting with the restricted medium, acrylic ink washes on prepared raw canvas, which forces restraint.

Based in Calgary, Hill graduated from ACAD in Interdisciplinary Studies (2000) and completed a MFA at Goldsmiths College, University of London, England (2006). His work has been shown internationally. Selected exhibitions include: A Reading Room, Art Gallery of Calgary (2013); Taste the World & Digest It, Newzones, Calgary (2009); Foreground.Background, Elementa Modern Art, Dubai, UE (2008); Colony, The Weiss Gallery, Calgary (2007); Birds in Opposition: A Natural History, Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery, Vancouver (2006); HK Summer 05, Herringer Kiss Gallery (2005); Out Reach, Van Alen Institute, New York (2002).

Aron Hill  “Single Scalloped Edge”
19″ x 27″
Black Gesso on W/C Paper
Silent Auction Lot#117
Fair Market Value  $1100

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