Artist in Residence – Tara Vahab

Tara Vahab
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KOAC welcomed Tara Vahab as our first Artist in Residence for 2023 on May 1st. Tara is an award-winning multi-media artist known mainly for her paintings and sculptures created from woven newspapers. While working in the presence of Katie Ohe, she aims to create a body of mixed-media work which will encompass research, development, and production of a series of artistic sculptural pieces. She will engage with the community by facilitating workshops and documenting the new work and its process, which will culminate in an exhibition and artist talk to close out her residency.

The KOAC Artist in Residence program provides artists with one-on-one support and a place for research, exhibition and documentation of visual contemporary art. The program is offered to artists at all stages of their career.

Tara is the founder of LOUD Art Society, and as an advocate for mental health through her art, she is actively committed to providing access to public art education, art practice and the promotion of art as a practice for positive psychology and development of higher emotional intelligence. Tara lives and works in Calgary and has produced over 300 pieces of artwork from paintings, sculptures and drawings to installations, murals and performances, and has exhibited locally and internationally.

“I was introduced to Katie Ohe’s art during my school years at University of Calgary and ever since I have become a fan and have admired her art. It is a dream come true to participate in this artist residency program and an absolute honor to work alongside Katie, to learn from her and create magical art!”

KOAC is very excited to have Tara help fulfill KOAC’s mission towards ongoing research, education, documentation and enjoyment of contemporary visual arts in nature.

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