The compelling work of Dave Casey, a combination of digital photography and acrylics, cannot be placed in any single school of painting. Casey’s artistic practice is one of meditation. To him, “paintings are silent, bearing witness to the stories we have to tell.” He asks the viewer to make a spiritual, emotional journey, using the paintings as locations for storytelling. Casey’s semi-abstract landscapes evoke a sense of place, while remaining perennially elusive.

Born in San Francisco, Casey began his artistic training at the College of San Mateo in California. He completed a Masters of Applied Art in Jewelry and Metalsmithing with a minor in Painting at Montana State University in 1973, moving to Calgary to teach the same year. Casey’s career at ACAD has spanned 40 years of teaching Jewelry, Metals, Painting, Sculpture and Drawing; for the last 25 years, his artistic practice has been painting. Casey’s broad academic knowledge, unconventional teaching methods, and artistic accomplishments have won him admiration from students and colleagues alike.

Recent shows include: Metaphoric Landscapes at the Winter Garden, Eighth Avenue Place (2013-14); and Calgary Stampede Artist Ranch Project (2011-12). A major survey exhibition of Casey’s 40 year artistic career was presented by the Art Forum Gallery in 2013.

Dave Casey   “Blue Lotus” 2009
48″ x 30″   Acrylic on Canvas
Silent Auction Lot #108
Fair Market Value   $2500
Dave Casey "Blue Lotus", 2009 48" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas
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Dave Casey “Blue Lotus”, 2009 48″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas


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