David Burdeny translates his intimate appreciation for the structure, details and metaphorical value of space into sublime observations on how the contemporary world is still pregnant with mystery and potential. Whether focused on ordinary spaces or iconic settings, his photographs occupy an artistic middle ground between the physical and the atmospheric, the concrete and the spiritual, the actual and the idealized. Burdeny’s work represents his personal experience of enigmatic and luminous locations.

Originally from Winnipeg, Burdeny graduated with a Masters in Architecture and Interior Design, and spent the early part of his career practicing in his field before  establishing himself as a photographer. His early work comprised square-format black  and white images rendering space in stark, elemental terms. In subsequent series, Burdeny explored both opulent and austere interior scenes, using the sensuality of colour to full effect.

Burdeny’s photographic series have featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, and Europe. His work has been widely published: most recently in Casa Vogue, The Guardian, Corriere Dela Sera, and The Moscow Times. Burdeny has won international recognition for his work: Nature Photographer of the Year (2015) for the series, Salt, and (Special) Photographer of the Year (2016) for the Tulip series, both at the International Photography Awards in New York City. David  Burdeny lives in Delta, B.C. and works from his studio in Vancouver.

David Burdeny, Iluliaaat Icefjord 03,
32″ x 64″ Chromogenice
Live Auction  Lot  #1
Fair Market Value $7500



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