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Fair Market Value $1000

marble 16 x 12 x 9

I have always been making things with my hands. I have worked with many materials but have gravitated to metal and stone. I made the leap to professional artist in 1998. I have discovered two sides to my sculptor’s personality; the abstract and the musical sound. Both paths of expression are important to me and have driven me to create a diverse range of work. The abstracts explore combinations of line and form as well as the political, social, and ecological issues of the world around me. The sound sculptures continue to combine kinetic, visual, and auditory aspects and have evolved from single sound pieces to combining sound sculpture with other abstract sculptural elements.  My newest group of works are for the garden, from small sound sculptures to whimsical bugs and creatures.  METALGENESIS means the creation of art from an idea as well as the changing properties of a medium. As my work evolves, the lure of stone has added new dimensions. Combining mediums is intriguing for me as is the textures and types of marble, granite, and limestone that I have been working with.  I am fascinated by the four elements which have influenced my recent stone pieces. These works are based on the four creative energies of the universe: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and the balance between them. Each of these elements are necessary for human life, they each have the ability to destroy and renew. The Earth without Water to moisten it, without Fire to warm it, and without Air to surround it would be a lifeless planet. The elements work in harmony, seeking balance even though at times their contrary aspects may seem in conflict with each other, to create and to sustain life.

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