Canadian artist Geoffrey Hunter approaches painting as an archaeological process. An archaeologist uncovers what has been lost, classifies the debris, and attempts to fit it into an historical narrative. Hunter recovers selected fragments of culture, history, science or technology, thAll Postsen arranges, integrates, and adds or scrapes away layers until the debris is transformed into art. By exploring the play between painting and digital media, remnants of real, imagined or almost forgotten images are discovered, edited, copied, underpainted and overpainted until a coherent pattern emerges into the possibility of art. Hunter graduated from ACAD with a major in Painting (1986). He was selected to attend the summer program at the Yale School of Art in Norfolk, Connecticut (1984). Hunter has worked extensively with Stride Gallery, DL Gallery, Truck

Gallery, New Gallery, and Paul Kuhn Gallery, and is the recipient of two Canada Council grants (1989, 1990).  In addition to an active practice in his Calgary studio, Hunter taught drawing and painting at ACAD (1998-2003) and exhibited at Illingworth Kerr Gallery. His work appears in many corporate collections, both regional and national, including an extensive collection at the Art Foundation of Alberta.

Geoffrey Hunter “Garden”
22″ x 20″  Oil on canvas
Live Auction Lot #12
Fair Market Value   $2200
Geoff Hunter Garden 23" x 20" oil on canvas
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Geoff Hunter Garden 23″ x 20″ oil on canvas

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