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Fair Market Value $1000

welded painted steel sculpture
artist name and title on paper included
28 x9 x4.5

As an artist, I am primarily interested in abstract, non-objective sculpture. My most common materials are steel and wood. Working with steel is essentially an additive process and the design involves drawing with the material as well as the actual physical skills of steel fabrication such as welding, cutting and bending. Finishing with patinas, stains, rust and enamel are also important and give each piece its’ own uniqueness. I have found that scrap steel mixed with new material yields very interesting results. Wood is a particularly wonderful material for creating abstract organic forms and carving wood is very different than welding steel in that it is essentially a reductive process. Grain, pigment, spalting and natural features such as disease and knots can all be used to create engaging works. Combining different types of wood with different pigmentation or grain patterns can also be used to great effect. My practice as a geologist, while being a very different discipline, has proven very useful in developing my art practice. My understanding of materials that come from the earth such as rock, clay and metals; and geological features such as stratification, faults and folds, has been helpful. My cartographic and contouring skills have also been very useful in the layout of pieces and relating different forms to one another. Through my science background I have also been introduced to mathematical and geometrical relationships and I have used them effectively in sculpture.

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Greg Robb Online

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