ededatheOn behalf of the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, we’re ecstatic to announce our first ever emerging artist in residence as part of our new program for emerging artists, Lisa Hodgkinson.

Lisa received her undergrad at the Alberta University of the Arts,  where she found a home in the wonderful mixed media world of the sculpture department. Her unique work has a tendency to reference her love of natural forms through unlikely materials. 

This led Lisa to an introductory welding course through the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Lisa knew she had found a medium that she needed to explore. When she graduated, Lisa began the journey of learning to craft metal. Through the help of friends, she found a vibrant and noisy corner in an auto body shop in Forest Lawn to use for studio space and has been developing her work there for eight years. 

“Metal crafting has a very rich history. I feel that I could spend a lifetime learning about and trying out all the processes. It’s a fantastically deep subject.”

A true believer in re-purposing, Lisa’s favourite materials are often remnants from farm machinery or automotive parts. She combines these industrial components with a process of bending steel rod by using a high heat induction tool. 

“Steel is a much softer material than people realize. The rod can be easily twisted and stretched if you add a bit of heat. I often think of it as a fibre to weave or like a pencil line drawing.” 

Lisa is beyond excited to be working with her mentor and teacher, Katie Ohe. During her residency at the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre Lisa experimented with and learned about kinetic sculpture from Katie. Anyone interested in seeing what they’re up to is invited to come out and have a look! Email Ricardo at: ricardo@koartscentre.org

Visit Lisa’s website here.

Our Emerging Artist Programme has been supported by the generous financial contribution of The Pekisko Arts Fund at the Calgary Foundation





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