Trained as a printmaker, Marjan Eggermont explores materials and transformative processes. Early on, she became more interested in the metal plates from which her etchings were made than the resulting prints. This led to investigating materials such as steel, copper, concrete, acrylic and ceramics. Thematically, Eggermont deals with issues of identity. As an artist in engineering and a scientist in the arts, and feeling not entirely Dutch or Canadian, Eggermont grapples with her sense of place, attempting to create a world unto herself through her work.

In her latest work, Eggermont has discovered particular species of plant that has adapted over time to survive and thrive in Alberta’s extreme climate. Etching steel plates with printmaking acid to create her signature patina, Eggermont then uses silver leaf to delineate the fauna. These contemporary, large scale, sculptural works echo “pressings”, a technique used to preserve leaves and flowers.

Eggermont grew up in The Netherlands and immigrated to Canada in 1986. She holds a BA, BFA, and MFA from the University of Calgary, and is currently finishing her PhD in Computational Media Design. Eggermont is Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and a senior instructor in The Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, teaching engineering design and communication.

Eggermont’s innovative work has gained much recognition: she was named one of the 20 Most Influential Artists (2003) by the Calgary Artwalk Society, and was one of 45 international artists featured in “Printmaking at the Edge” by Richard Noyce (2006). In 2010 she completed a large installation piece for the new EEEL Building (Energy, Environmental, Experiential Learning Building) at the University of Calgary, which was jointly financed by the U of C Alumni Association, the Students Union, and the graduating class of 2010, as the first ever legacy gift to the campus.

    Marjan Eggermon – “Now You’re Half Way Home”
44″ x 44″
Silkscreen and Patina on Stee
Lot #7 Live Auction
Estimate  $4200
Marjan Eggermon - Now You're Half Way Home 44" x 44" Silkscreen and Patina on Steel
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Marjan Eggermon – Now You’re Half Way Home 44″ x 44″ Silkscreen and Patina on Steel

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