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Fair Market Value $2300

mixed media on metal
signed verso;
unframed 24.5x 43.5 x1

Rose Braun’s work is greatly influenced by storytelling; she shares her personal experiences, made perpetual by its embodiment on the hard metal surfaces of her artwork. Using a mixed technique on the steel panels, oil for its rich color, acrylic and some acids for etching and resistance, as well as a number of tools to distress the surface of the areas she chooses to reveal or age for effect. Occasionally, raised collage areas, acid eroded or even bullet holes may appear at random on Braun’s steel paintings. Other pieces may reveal a poem in Braille, or contain small text about the painting itself, or to add interest and intrigue. In Braun’s newest work, we see a return to her more organic roots, in a more minimal, refined presentation, where her medium is give much more room to breathe. Rose Braun is an Okanagan artist who has been shown publicly throughout Alberta and British Columbia; her works are included in national, international and private collections. Among her collectors are the Alberta Art Foundation, the Yarrow Art Foundation in Montreal, the Canadian Cancer Society Collection and the Heart of Gold Foundation. Rose also has many private collectors in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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