The artwork of Rose Braun is gestural, open, and uncontrived, leaving interpretation to the viewer. Braun’s style has evolved from a tightly realistic mode to embracing looser methods of application and rendering, producing expressive images that are open-ended and ambiguous. Her works include drawings on paper, oil paintings on canvas, acid etchings on steel panels, and occasionally three-dimensional pieces. Braun draws inspiration from Goya, the German Dada artists, and others who convey great emotion in their works as well as biting social commentary.

Braun graduated from the University of Regina with a BA in Psychology / Sociology (1973) and a BEd (1974); she also studied art at the University of Calgary (1976). She is a Member of the Artists’ Circle, Next Generation at Triangle Gallery (2009), and was mentored by the Japanese artist Yamamoto in southeast Asia (2000).

Selected solo exhibitions include: Rose Braun: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, SOPA Fine Arts, Kelowna (2012); Rose Braun: Requiem, Kelowna Art Gallery (2011); Sideways, SOPA Fine Arts (2010); Missing, Kelowna Art Gallery, satellite space at Kelowna International Airport (2009); Rendition, SOPA Fine Arts (2008). Group exhibitions include: Boketto, SOPA Fine Arts (2015); Elementary BASIC, Penticton Art Gallery (2015); A Steampunk Primer, Penticton Art Gallery (2015); Matter of Time, SOPA Fine Arts (2014); Wearable Art, Penticton Art Gallery (2014); Welcome Home, Documenting the Immigrant Experience, Penticton Art Gallery (2014).

Braun’s work appears in collections such as: Alberta Art Foundation; Canadian Cancer Society, Kelowna; Heart of Gold Foundation, Kelowna; Yarrow Art Foundation, Montreal. She was recently commissioned to produce a 24 x 28 foot public commemoration mural for Lake Country.

Rose Braun  “Twins”
20″ x 22″ (each)   Grpahite on Paper
Silent Auction Lot #105
Fair Market Value   $600
Rose Braun "Twins" 20" x 22" (each) Grraphite on Paper
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Rose Braun “Twins” 20″ x 22″ (each) Graphite on Paper


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