Honeybees – nature’s artists – are part of KOAC’s pastoral atmosphere. Beehives are located in the Aspen and Balsam Poplar woodland next to wetland habitat and wildflower meadows and close to contemporary sculptures underlining the interaction of art and nature at KOAC. 


Tour Information

August 22 @ 4 pm, September 8 @ 11am & 12pm

Don a protective suit and get up close to a working beehive guided by Amber’s ten years of experience inside honeybee colonies and five years of experience giving beehive tours. She will show and explain you their fascinating characteristics:

The waggle dance, pheromone communication, festooning, buzzing vibrations, altruism, wax construction, honey and pollen synthesis, hygienic behaviour, navigation patterns and signals.

Here’s a checklist of items not to forget when you come.

  • Long Pants
  • Gardening Gloves (not mandatory)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Boots
  • Long Socks (for tucking pants)
  • Camera
  • Family & Friends
  • Big Smiles!
  • Signed waiver
Beehives Tour

Important to Know Before You Come:

– Bees are calm, docile and do not sting unless directly threatened or managed carelessly.
– Only 1% of people are allergic to bee stings – KOAC and MOB have a safety kit that includes EpiPens, Benadryl and water to flush the system
– If you are severely allergic to bees, you should not sign up for this tour.
– All participants will sign a waiver on the day of the experience.  Children under the age of 18 will need a parent signature on the waiver.
– This experience is dependent on weather conditions.  In cases of inclement weather, we will have to cancel and reschedule the experience.
– Tours are ONLY conducted by Amber.

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