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Have a Great Neighbor Day!

No project prospers without community support, and we know it takes a real team to contribute their time, guiding the tours, packing and cataloguing work, running the errands, walking the trails, spreading the word! All the things we need to open the Park this summer.

When visitors arrive they are largely self-guided but we want to be able to help if needed. It’s a great opportunity to mingle – at an approved distance – with an interested and engaged public and to network with our vibrant arts community.

Please contact us if you have the time to wander around 20 acres, eat lunch (we’re buying!), get to know us and the Park and help ensure everybody is safe and happy!

We‘re not sure when we will be open, not too long a time we expect, and then we will stay open as long as weather permits!

Contact us at Volunteers@koartscentre.org and we can tell you more about the opportunity! or visit koartscentre.org/volunteer/ 

Not everyone has the time and/or energy to Volunteer, it is a commitment from both sides, and its work, no question. we get that.

If you can, please support the Centre and our work in your community, by donating. This month you can help us achieve our programming goals, and create an opportunity to win a $20,000 prize from Canadahelps, the online giving portal.

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